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Hahaha. Terduchen sounds like a pig-out.
methinks the toughest part would be to maintain
the moistness of the turkey breast. Not sure about
cooking times, would require experimentation
and maybe covering the turkey with moist butter
soaked cheesecloth, and cook using low temps.

very informative ATI! dud


According to the chefs, it has to be cooked for nine hours, and then cooled for 30 minutes.

Otis "Pass the Haggis" Hendershott

I first learned of this rare treat whilst listening to the inimitable John Madden on the Thanksgiving Day game. Needless to say...I thought it was another mad creation from the man who gave us the 6 legged chicken. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was for real. I have not had the pleasure of trying one though. I am waiting for some crazy hick from Wyoming to come up with a Pochickow. Now THAT would be culinary brilliance.

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