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Oh. I love that drive. I've done Las Vegas to KC a couple times. Did you go to any other states? I'm glad you're posting again... I was about to de-link your delinquent ass.


i'm sad you didn't gorge yourself at the all-you-can-eat pizza bar in moab. sweet slices of heaven! and it includes a fabulous salad bar, too. and humongous beers. though i must say, the moab brewery's beers suck. call me a pain in the ass (i'm used to it by now), but i had a beer sampler there, and they were ranked as "more bad" and less bad." i wanted to like it, i really did!
moab rocks, and i wish i could support their brewing. but the pizza! the soft serve! the dry desert air! to die for!
oh, and i'm shocked you didn't review any of the vegas buffets...

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