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"When a thirty-something white couple wheeled in a double Maclaren stroller sporting twins and SUV-sized tires, we exchanged glances. Vanderbilt Avenue has arrived."


So only when soccer moms flock to its restaurants does a neighborhood arrive? I agree with parts of your article, but not that ...

You should have ventured to Underhill and Washington and even (gasp! by your standards, obviously) to the south side of Gates Avenue towards Bed-Stuy... you'd have found some great spots. (Namely Vini and Oli, Tavern on Dean, and Tom's Restaurant, which have all been around for years.)

And as for new places, you forgot the new sushi joint on the corner of St. Mark's and Washington, and Carl's Place and the new bar on Underhill near Eastern Parkway.

Teresa Crawford

Gotta add Shane's on Washington, just up from Tom's Diner. Great food, amazing blueberry pancakes, good coffee and music on Wed, Thur and jazz on Sun from 11 - 2. Neighborhood guy who used to be a trainer at Eastern Athletic opened it. Very clean, bright, friendly and in need of patrons to help keep in open!


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